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A company that makes dreams come true,
Daewon Cable is recruiting talented people.
Daewon Cable is awating applications of competent candidates.
We are seeking talented and passionate people who are capable of leading the best comprehensive professional company in Korea. We invite you who will lead Daewon Cable as the best comprehensive cables company in Korea with dreams and passion.

Concept of talent

  • Diligent, faithful
    responsible attitude
    Person with work ethics and responsibility to given duty
  • Responsible
    ownership mind
    Person with ownership mind who will actively resolve issues
  • Global
    Person with craftsmanship who aims to become the best in given task

Recruitment Inquiries

  • Phone: :041-339-3400
  • Fax :041-339-3406
  • Address :92, Hoeumdeokryeong-gil, Godeok-myeon, Yesan-gun, Chungnam